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Merging arts and science, Globaïa is dedicated to fostering awareness among citizens by promoting the emergence of a global vision of our world and of the great socioecological challenges of our time.


Anthropocene Info SIte

Informative science-focused overview site.

German Anthropocene Project Site

The Haus der Kulturen der Welt presents The Anthropocene Project, running through December 8, 2014.

This two year project includes multi-media programs and activities, across a variety of disciplines.

Here is an excerpt from their website, which can be found here:

With the traditional methods of knowledge acquisition – the natural sciences on the one side and the humanities on the other – mankind has reached a limit. The indivisible concatenation of industrial metabolism, climate change, urbanisation, soil erosion and the extinction of species, as well as a new social (self)consciousness have shown: The rapid reformation of cause and effect, means and end, quality and quantity requires a new approach to the world which is not governed by postmodern discourse but material interconnections and processes – from the accumulation of plastics into artificial islands in the ocean, to the particularity of a speck of dust on its way from the Sahara to the Brazilian rainforest. A new sense of amazement at the wonder of planet earth is required: What can we do, how can we know – and to what extent are the two connected? With what means, methods and senses can we encounter the world of our own creation?

Visit the project’s page in English here.

Deutches Museum

The Earth In Our Hands, a two-year. special exhibition which will show both historical artifacts and current objects of scientific and industrial laboratories and integrate the audience by means of interactive demonstrations and direct participation through digital media. December 15, 2014 through January, 2016.


Subcommission on Quartenary Statigraphy

Official governing body of geologic time; Anthropocene Working Group.